NRA Women on Target Shooting Clinic

We hosted an NRA Women on Target shooting clinic on behalf of Bridget Bodine from DeCoverly Kennels DeCoverly Kennels English Setters.

It was a great success!

We did have some heavy rain and lost power but we didn’t let that stop us. We all had a great time.

I’d like to thank the board members of the Club for giving us the use of the grounds for the day and to all of the people who so graciously volunteered their time to make this a great day!

Long Range Shooting

Shoot for score against other shooters or just to stretch out your rifle, LR pistol, shotgun slugs, muzzleloaders, and rimfires at mostly steel targets of various sizes at 227Y, 337Y, 426Y.

Come earlier than posted start time for registration and setup suggested, but you don’t have to be there at the start nor stay the entire time. Dates, times, range fees as posted on the event calendar, with more details in the event information section here: Long Range Day Event Information or for the latest and quickest notifications, FAQs, updates, cancellations, etc., join the LRD group at:

Suppressor friendly – but steel core, armor piercing, tracer or incendiary ammo not allowed. Magnums and 50 cal welcome, but 50 cal will either need to shoot paper or bring your own steel or shoot paper. No full autos.

Non-shooters such as onlookers, spectators, spotters, and the curious are always welcome. Conversation, tips, Q&A with your long range game is also part of the of the fun!

In 2016 we tried preregistration through a particular site (which was a nightmare and confusing), if coming please use the Facebook group calendar as “going” so as better plan for a larger or smaller attendance.


Though there are many variations on how to play horseshoes are played and scored, at FSC: One player pitches both shoes in succession to one pit, followed by the other player, once known as an “inning”.

Horseshoes at FSCNormally only one pitcher can score points per inning, however some leagues and tournaments play “count all”, in which all points in each inning are counted. A live shoe that is not a ringer, but comes to rest six inches (6”) or closer to the stake, has a value of one (1) point. This includes a “leaner”. If both of one player’s horseshoes are closer than the opponent’s, two points are scored. A ringer scores three points. In the case of one ringer and a closer horseshoe, both horseshoes are scored for a total of four points. If a player throws two ringers, that player scores six points. If each player throws a ringer, the ringers cancel and no points are scored. If two ringers are thrown by one player and one ringer by the opponent, the player throwing two ringers scores three points. This is typically called “two dead and three” or “three ringers three” for score keeping purposes. Such occurrences are called “dead ringers” and are still used toward the pitcher/ringer average. Back-yard games can be played to any number of points that is agreed upon, but are usually to 21 points, win by 2. In most sanctioned tournaments the handicapped divisions pitch 50 shoe games, most points win. If there is a tie, the pitchers pitch an additional 2 innings (alternating pitch) until the tie is broken. Championship divisions, or non-handicapped divisions are pitched to 40 points, regardless of the number of shoes pitched. In Philadelphia when a player tops another players ringer the player is awarded 6 points.

Like UsThere are two ways to score: by throwing “ringers” or by throwing the horseshoe nearest to the stake. A ringer is a thrown horseshoe such that the horseshoe completely encircles the stake. Disputes are settled by using a straightedge touch the two points at the ends of the horseshoe, called “heel calks”. If the straightedge doesn’t touch the stake, then the horseshoe is a ringer.

Horseshoes at the Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club are thrown from January thru April, Thursdays, 7:00 pm come earlier for refreshments/registration.


A popular and classic non shooting activity held at FSC is Darts!

DartsDarts – is a form of throwing game in which small missiles or darts originally made from cut down arrows or crossbow bolts, thrown at a circular target or dartboard fixed to a wall 8’ away. Though various boards and rules have been used in the past, the term “darts” usually now refers to a standardized game involving a specific board design and set of rules. As well as being a professional competitive sport, darts is a traditional pub game, commonly played in the United Kingdom.

The dartboard is sectioned in 20 scoring sections, with a smaller triple point sub section in the middle and a smaller double scoring section on the outer rim. The central circle is divided into a green outer ring worth 25 points (known as “outer”, “outer bull”, or “iris”) and a red or black inner circle (usually known as “bull”, “inner bull” or “double bull”), worth 50 points. The term “bulls-eye” can mean either the whole central part of the board or just the inner red/black section. Many scoring variations in darts exist.

Darts at FSC are thrown from January thru April, Thursdays, 6:00–7:00 pm refreshments / registration, throwing at 7:00 pm. There several awards, prizes, and bonus’ to earn, including the “long dart” (1 dart thrown from a longer than usual distance) and the Golden Dart award.

Additional information about Darts rules, history, equipment can be found, darts-rules.


Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club Archery

Many people think of FSC as a firearm shooting club, but did you know that we also offer Archery opportunities year round?

Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club ArcheryNestled slightly off the beaten path and in a peaceful setting behind our horseshoe area lies our 3-D Archery range, available year round with no charge to our members.  This practice range offers you the flexibility of shooting from the ground, or from an elevated platform that simulates a tree stand.

As archery season approaches, it’s time to start tuning up your bows and your skills.  FSC has that covered too with our extended, “Through the Woods” 3-D Archery course twice a year in August and September!

The “Through the Woods” 3-D course has approximately thirty targets set in realistic shooting situations along a path through FSC’s own “Sherwood Forest”. Ranges vary from up close and personal shots to some at 40+ yards.  The course also offers elevated shots, platforms, a simulated blind, and a real arrow-buster on the rocks.

These life-sized hogs, elk, cougars, and of course, white-tailed deer targets along with other animal targets are placed in natural settings to allow for the best bow hunting scenarios you can have, just short of filling a tag!

It takes a pair of archers about an hour and a half to complete the course, with more in your group adding to that time….and with the eyes of your partner being upon you, adds a little more pressure, and adds to the realism.

After completing the “through the Woods” 3-D course, you have a chance to win some real money by shooting at a hanging egg or hitting a Money prize on a long range target!

EQUIPMENT: Conventional tackle, long bows, re-curves; compounds and crossbows are all are welcome.  Heck, bring your atlatl or blowgun if you want.  But you must use target tips no broader than the diameter of the arrow shaft, no broad-heads allowed.

Remember, this is a “Through the Woods” course – it’s suggested to bring bug spray, wear sturdy footwear, and have plenty of arrows.

The shoots start at 9 a.m. with the last shooters allowed on the course no later than 1 p.m.  We are a family friendly Club, and spectators are welcome to join you.  Our kitchen will also be open for breakfast and lunch.

All of this Through the Woods fun will set you back very little whether you’re a member or not.  Junior shooters are charged less, and 12 years of age and under can shoot for free.

Please refer to the FSC schedule and calendar of events for dates, times, fees, and POC information