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Long Range Day (LRD)

Long Range Day (LRD) at FSC consists of 3 different distances: 227 Yards, 337 Yards, and 427 Yards with several different sized steel targets along with optional paper targets to shoot at.

.50 BMGThe object of Long Range Day is to provide shooters – experienced or not at long range shooting – a setting to shoot at longer distances than average rifle ranges in the area and is a great place to practice or dial in equipment for long range hunting and competitions – or just to have fun!  Shooting for score against your fellow shooters, winning prizes for special stages, or just getting zeroed in – it’s up to you!

Firearms & Ammo Used, Long Range Day (LRD): A variety of firearms used in the past has ranged from rim fire to magnum calibers, bolt, semi-auto, hinge, pump and lever styled actions.  Any legal & safely operating firearm (including long range orientated pistols and muzzle loaders) are welcome to participate, including .50cal rifles, however will be restricted to paper or bring your own steel target. Legally suppressed firearms are also welcome. No fully automatic rifles of any caliber is to be used.  No tracer, incendiary, steel core or armor piercing ammunition allowed.

Target Sizes, Long Range Day (LRD): Various reactive steel target sizes are used to simulate the size scoring rings of popular NRA, CMP, and Bench rest rifle competitions, and also duplicate the average size of the body/vital areas on several types of large, medium, and small game animals so that a shooter can properly range the target and execute the shot with instant feedback of their success. A handout will be provided of the target sizes ( from 3” to 18”), and what they translate to.

A shooter can choose bench or positional shooting, or both. To make things a bit more interesting a Tactical Marksman course has been set up to compete for score against other shooters from several shooting positions utilizing barricades & cover.  There is no min or max amount of rounds you can shoot, other than for scoring reasons while shooting the Tactical Marksman course. There will be periodic rotations to prevent “bench hogging” and allow everyone a chance to take full advantage of LRD.

Safety is paramount, eye and hearing protection mandatory along with an empty chamber indicator (one will be provided if you do not have one). Anyone can call a cease fire if an unsafe condition is observed.  We’ll usually shoot for 45 minutes, then an administrative cease fire will be called to repair/reset/repaint targets that may need attention. The other ranges at FSC will be closed until the targets are taken down and secured, the latest being 1:30pm.

Besides a rifle and ammo, other optional equipment includes shooting bags & rests, portable shooting benches, spotting scopes and other such items. For positional shooting, a mat, gloves, knee and elbow pads can be used. There is usually water and soda available for purchase, however you can bring your own non-alcoholic refreshments.  Note that the closest lavatory facilities are located a distance away from the firing line, near the clubhouse.

Shooting long range may seem intimidating for newcomers, however many shooters that never thought their equipment or skills were up to par gave it a try and are now regular participants that are effective shooters at these ranges.  The point is, you don’t know what you can do until you try and LRD gives you that opportunity. There are more than enough knowledgeable shooters available to offer objective help & tips to newcomers.

Though the Long Range goes “hot” at 8:00am and ends at 12:00, you may come earlier to set up your equipment and to sign in. You may come later or leave earlier, you do not have to stay for the entire time. LRD is usually held the fourth Saturday the LRD season.

Parking, is to the right side of the Skeet shotgun range during the early “wet” season, toward the crest of the hill near the firing line when conditions allow.  please follow signage and park within the marked area.

Though there is a Range fee for shooters, if not wanting to participate behind the trigger, onlookers, spotters, and questions are always welcome at no fee.