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NRA Certification Courses


NRARange Safety Officer (RSO) training – A series of specific Range Safety Officer training throughout the year covering being an RSO for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and more.  $100.00 fee will be to cover materials.  Also check NRAinstructors.org for other details

NRA Shooting/Instruction/Certification Courses – check NRAinstructors.org for details.  Classes open to everyone, 8hrs of instruction, fee is $125.00, Max of 8 people per class, a class every month on Saturdays.  Pistols and ammo are provided for the course, you will need eye and ear protection.

Details and to register email courses@nepatactical.com.
Mike Conforti 570.840.2775 or Tim Donnelly 570.561.5968.