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S.C.S.A (Steel Challenge Shooting Association)
U.S.P.S.A (United States Practical Shooting Association) Sanctioned

Steel ChallengeSteel Challenge matches challenge accuracy and speed.  Scoring is simple, your time is your score – however long it takes to hit 4 object an 1 stop time plate is your score, starting from and staying within a “shooting box”, shooters engage the targets once the start buzzer sounds with a few time penalties if you hit the stop plate before hitting the other plates, shooting from out of the shooting box.

Each stage consists of five targets, commonly referred to as plates. Four are standard plates, and the fifth is designated as the stop plate. Each of the standard targets must be hit at least once before hitting the stop plate, to avoid incurring penalties. Competitors may fire as many rounds as they deem necessary for each string of fire. The worst string on each stage will be thrown out, and the total of the remaining times will be competitor’s score for that stage. The best four out of five strings will be counted as the total score for each stage, except for Outer Limits, which will be the best three out of four runs.

The total of a competitor’s stage scores will be his score for the match. Total score for all stages will determine the order of finish for final standings.

Maximum Time: The maximum time allowed for an individual string is 30 seconds. Any hits made after the maximum time allow- ance will not be counted. The competitor will be stopped and asked to reload if they reach the 30 second limit.

All round targets, except for the Pendulum are 5′ high to the top of the target and all rectangles are 5’6? to the top of the target. Pendulum has two round targets that are 6’ to the top of the target. All courses of fire will be fired from a single shooting box with the exceptions of Outer Limits and Showdown, which will each have more than one shooting box. Showdown will have two 3’x 3’ shooting boxes and two runs will be shot from one shooting box and two from the other. The competitor may choose from either box to shoot their fifth and final run. There is NO movement between boxes during this course of fire.

The Outer Limits will have three 4’ x 4’ shooting boxes. The shooter will start on their weak side shooting box and will engage the 20 and 35 yard plates on the weak side of the center line, move to the middle shooting box and engage the remaining two plates and stop plate. The distance between each of the three boxes will be 6’.

Note: Only two of the three boxes will be used by each shooter. Depending on whether you are right or left handed, you will begin in the appropriate outside box and finish in the middle box.

Divisions include Centerfire Pistol, Rimfire Pistol, Rimfire Rifle, and Centerfire Rifle (though CFR mostly not implemented at FSC).

While the Centerfire must be drawn from the holster, the Rimfire divisions start from the “ready” position, with a construction cone usually being used to help point the muzzle in a safe consistent ready position.

Categories include Lady, Law Enforcement, Military, Pre-teen, Senior, and Super Senior.

Rules, range commands, procedures, Stage scenario setups, and equipment information can be found at: